SUZE HARRINGTON, LCSW has been in private practice since 1989, specializing in the treatment of OCD and related anxiety disorders, and has treated over 1700 individuals, using state of the art cognitive and behavioral strategies. Included in treatment are Exposure and Response Prevention, Cognitive Therapy, Insight and Education, as well as supportive changes in supplements, exercise, nutrition and lifestyle. A unique combination of interventions, tailored to each individual, virtually assures diminished symptoms, and freedom from a life spent in painful fear.


Suze Harrington received her Masters Degrees from Stanford University, and the University of Utah. She is a professional member of the OC Foundation as well as the Trichotillomania Learning Center, the Anxiety Disorders Association of America, and American Behavioral Therapist Association. She has been Auxiliary Faculty of the University of Utah School of Medicine. She conducted support and therapy groups for patients and families with OCD for 8 years, and was the Behavior Therapist for the Utah site for the BT Steps Computer Therapy Study.



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